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Snacks packing machine

Snacks packing machine

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Snacks packing machine
The machine is manufactured according to international standards as follows:
All parts touching the product are made of food grade stainless steel 304.
All parts of the machine have been laser cut to ensure pinpoint quality and accuracy
The motors of the machine are Italian industry.
Photocell, Italian or German machine.
The machine contains a packing tray made of stainless steel with four holes.
Volumetric packing and filling volume is controlled by cups.
The machine is equipped with a stainless steel collar to form the paper roll (one fitness is supplied with the machine, and in case another fitness is required, it is calculated)
The welding jaw center is made of pure aluminum
The shape of the bag for welding center Cell
The horizontal movement of the jaws is carried out on the ball bearing on the Hard Chrome guides.
It contains a horizontal jaw to weld the bag from the top and bottom.
There is an air steel knife to separate the bags.
The machine speed can be controlled by a Schneider inverter
The machine includes silicone belts for drawing paper roll.
Digital thermometer.
All horizontal movements are carried out via the hard chrome xat inside the swimming pool.
Circuit Breaker brand Schneider
Schneider Connectors
Relhat Schneider
Belts pulling Italian industry.
Solid cams for mechanical operations.
The components are CE marked.
Brand P.L.C Fatick
 Screen (touch screen) to control the Delta or Kenico brand.
The machine works on 220 volts or 380 volts electricity (we recommend using 380 volts is better)
The machine is subject to the highest degree of protection and special protection to protect people and the electrical and mechanical tasks attached to the machine:
A - The control circuits are designed in such a way that in the event of a power outage and its return only in the event of a restart
B - The electrical panel is provided with circuit breakers that protect the electrical circuit in the event of a shortage
C- The electrical panel is provided with an overload against overloads to protect the motors in the machine
 D - The board is equipped with protection units against overvoltage and undervoltage.
 E - The panel is equipped with a circuit control unit in the event of the absence of one of the interfaces feeding the electrical panel
F - The panel is provided with a unit that protects the engine and the machine in the event of a reflection of one of the facets.
Product Lift Belt Unit Specifications:
Italian-made belt motor
Belt rocker for movement of the product
BVC zig-zag belt, made in Spain, with transverse barriers
Hopper belt with a capacity of 150 - 200 kg
A control unit equipped with a sensor for automatic start and stop traffic
Schneider belt control unit
Dravel is a leader and submissive
Exit Flow Unit Specifications:
Spanish BVC walk with stairs
Italian belt motor
Dravel is a leader and submissive
Machine dimensions: 125 cm wide x 150 cm long x 250 cm high

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